SCS Sport provides opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sports outside of normal school hours and school sport pathways and events.

These opportunities provide an introduction to a sporting code as well as playing for enjoyment and further developing students who have already been identified as talented in a particular sport while providing an holistic approach

5 Week Programs

  • Students are provided with an opportunity to participate in a particular sporting code
  • The aim of the program is to:
    • Introduce students to a sport
    • Develop basic skills
    • Develop a love for the sport
    • Develop an interest so that the student will continue the sport with a local club

Holiday Camps

  • Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Holiday Programs are an opportunity for students to participate in sports
  • Students have fun and interact socially.
  • Holiday Programs can be conducted in partnership with sport bodies or run by the SCS Sport team.

All Abilities

  • Sydney Catholic Schools aims to ensure that every student has a fair and inclusive opportunity to participate in outstanding sports programs, encouraging them to engage in physical activities that push their limits.
  • Our Unified All Abilities Sports Program joins individuals with and without a disability and empowers them to engage in sports.
  • SCS hopes to bridge the gap and empower all students to engage in sport. by
    • promotes social inclusion and provides students with a sense of connectedness
    • builds self-esteem and fosters a ‘love of the game’
    • encourages “giving it a go”
    • provides pathways to higher-level representation

Talent Identification Camps

  • Through invitational camps and academies, students are provided with the chance to improve and be taught under high level coaches in a variety of sports.
  • They experience an elite level of training and are identified as showing promise in their sport,
  • SCS encourages them to be the best they can be in order to lay the foundation for a sporting career or high level representation.
  • These camps are by Invitation only