SCS Sport Calendar

While Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) have a long history of delivering Sport, SCS has identified an opportunity to better meet the needs of key stakeholders and manage SCS’ risk exposure. Whilst the structure of interschool sport is reorganised, the opportunity is taken to allow for greater participation and more sporting opportunities for students of all backgrounds and ability levels.

In 2021, the final events were conducted for the following associations before dissolution:

  • Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Primary Schools Sports Council
  • Inner West Catholic Primary Schools Sports Council
  • Sydney East Catholic Primary Schools Sports Council
  • Sydney South Catholic Primary Schools Sports Council
  • Metropolitan Catholic Colleges (MCC)
  • Christian Brothers Sporting Association (CBSA)
  • Sydney Catholic Colleges (SCC)
  • Metropolitan Catholic Schools (MCS)
  • Metropolitan Combined Catholic Schools (MCCS)
  • Shire Combined Catholic Colleges Association (SCCCA)
  • Southern Sydney Combined Catholic Colleges Sports Association (SSSA & SSCCC)

At the conclusion of 2021, SCS member schools withdrew from the following associations:

  • Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association (CGSSSA)
  • Macarthur Independent Schools Association (MISA)

After consultation with Principals, teachers, students, parents and system leaders, SCS Pre to Post Sport created the interschool sport framework which was implemented in February 2022. The new Conference model allowed for greater alignment of sports and competition between schools. This did, however, require significant logistical modification at a school level. The support of Principals in this process is gratefully acknowledged.